To the website of Rose Weitz, author, researcher, and professor at Arizona State University.

As a medical sociologist, my teaching and writing focuses on how society and social institutions affect health. I focus especially on issues related to women’s health and sexuality.

For the last few years, much of my research  has centered on female military members and veterans. I hope that my work will help the public, policy makers, health care workers, and others to better understand both the challenges these women face and the strengths they bring to those challenges.

Recently, my work with military women inspired me to create a course on Women Warriors, which I teach at ASU whenever I can. The course  – which covers everything from Biblical heroines to civil rights activists to The Hunger Games — was designed in part to put military women’s experiences in broader context .

currently serve on the Advisory Boards for ASU’s Veteran and Military Academic Engagement office and for AZDVS’s Women’s Services Committee. 

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